As an alchemist, I adore creating blends and potions and wonderful new creations. This takes shape in my Super8 films which I hand-develop, my loving relationships, and in my deep love for gourmet raw food and the immensely high vibration it offers to us. Certified in raw foods preparation by the excellent Kate Magic. There are many ways to raise our vibrations, and raw foods and drinks made with love, that sing as you taste them, are my sacred and juicy offering to you.

Cherry Blossom (Geoff)

Influenced by a deep trust in the words of the Buddha I became a fanatical meditator (sitting many silent retreats, one stint lasted 40 days) until gradually I saw that even loosening my grip on my meditation discipline was important to opening my heart and mind. After travelling through India for 5 years and exploring the last living areas of Tibetan Buddhism I gradually introduced yoga into my practise and after 15 years it has become the practise that continues to enrich and heal my day to day world. I am also a trained Thai Masseuse after I studied it in Chiang Mai and now a father to two girls. My practises are a lifelong commitment and the longer I honour that aspiration, the greater the reward.