We are just going along for the ride!


Hello! My purpose is people experiencing themselves and each other as divinely embodied bliss.

I do this in various ways, through my Super 8 films, with sensual touch, with laughter, playfulness, poetry, and through nurturance and creativity with food! I prepare delicious raw plant foods and superfoods to nourish mind, body and soul with blissful vibrations that can help us all more fully embody our innate Beauty and Love.


I love to practise being open, sensual and accepting around food. Though I am mostly plant-based, I don’t beat myself up for departures from that either! I’m a certified Raw Foods Chef, through the wonderful Kate Magic’s accreditation programme.  Raw, living foods gift us with such delicious life energy, and I love to help share that feeling!


I genuinely love the way raw foods make me feel so awesome! I’ve always been impassioned by alchemy - a lover of vibrant colours, Super 8 filmmaking, cold-water immersion, and the exquisite alchemy that takes place when you create gourmet raw foods with love, purpose and pleasure. Raw foods are such a beautiful and elegant way to vibrate higher and higher!


Influenced by a deep trust in the words of the Buddha I became a fanatical meditator (sitting many silent retreats, one stint lasted 40 days) until gradually I saw that even loosening my grip on my meditation discipline was important to opening my heart and mind. In 2007 I began travelling through India and spent 5 years and exploring the last living areas of Tibetan Buddhism.


I gradually introduced yoga into my practise and in 2011 I lived 6 months in Mysore and trained with Bharat Shetty, a long time student of BKS Iyengar, who continues to be my mentor today. In 2012 I began studying Thai Massage in Chiang Mai with a living master, Pichest Boonthumme. I continue to honour his practise which is based upon intuition and acceptance that each individual is unique.




My practises are a lifelong commitment and the longer I honour that aspiration, the greater the reward.